Heritage Seed Library Support our seed swap

It wouldn't be a seed swap without some heritage seeds and the amazing people at the heritage seed library have donated these seeds to us to get the event rolling. It means a lot to us to have the support of such an organisation that champion seed saving and preserving our heritage varieties for future generations. 'Henry Doubleday research association' , 'heritage seed library', 'garden organic' , we love your work.

A great selection of climbing french beans, tomatoes, cucumber ,  squash, peppers , runner beans and peas. There is something here for everyone, a few obscure unknown varieties along with some old favourites. For the seasoned growing or anyone just starting out , please get involved , we have seeds for you, and you, and you.

Many of the seeds carry a legacy, a rich historical story that stretches back through generations of growers and seed savers, and carry the history of the peoples that have grown them in to the future for generations to come. The Cherokee trail of tears is one such bean, one of the treasured possessions taken with the Cherokee as they were forcibly relocated from their ancestral lands, from what is now called Georgia to Oklahoma in 1838.  Gold was found on their lands prior to the 'goldrush'.


Seed Saving Manual

Our seed swap enjoys the support of GardenOrganic, the online presence of the Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA) they have continually been supportive and donated seeds for our swap as we share the common idea that everyone should grow their own food and save their own seed. Below is a link to their thorough guidance towards this outcome. We promote the idea that it is wise to have food security in your immediate area, growing perennials and saving the seed of your annuals are steps toward this goal, sharing the knowledge and supporting each other towards self sufficiency is our aim.

Hi Seed Swappers

Hey friends..its been a while

we've all been busy but as the season changes we're slowing down, cosying up and germinating ideas for the 2022 seed swap 


We're hoping 🤞 to host a face to face event this year -

 sometime in Feb so watch this space for details over the coming months

To inspire us and remind us of the importance of saving and swapping seeds we have joined up with local climate activists at XR Porthtowan and Surrounds to organise a fundraiser and film show on the 12th December at the Eco Park - keep an eye on this page for details as we work them out 


seed swap 2022

Community RiseUp presents

MidWest Cornwall and environs

third annual seedswap 2022

february 26th


please check blog and facebook group for updates


Time to pick up your seeds

  Many of the seed boxes were put back in your designated pick up spots today and the rest will be available tomorrow. So please feel free to collect your seeds from 'Natures Treats' in Porthtowan,.Cusgarne farm shop, 'Country store health foods' in Redruth, 'the Natural store' in Falmouth, and 'the Natural store'' in Helston. We will drop off the boxes to 'Churchtown veg shop' in St Agnes, and 'Beats and Roots cafe' in Redruth tomorrow. Those that put 'The library of things' in Penryn as a collection point we will email you personally and let you know where to pick up from in Penryn. 

Massive thanks

A massive thanks to everyone that took part in 
the First Cornish Covid-19 Compliance seed swap.

The first round of seedswap was a resounding success with 45 people registering for seeds and many donating, some of these are first time growers and many of you seed savers.

What we are hoping to gain from this venture is that the community is encouraged and supported to grow their own food, herbs, flowers and useful plants, favouring heritage or heirloom varieties  and to begin saving and sharing the seed from crops you have grown. 
Our hope is that we all save seeds and continue to improve our techniques and the range of varieties that we can share. 
This will lead to improved local food biodiversity and local food security which is our principle aim.

 We're Seed Sorting! watch this space (there's a lot to sort!) 

We will be emailing everyone who completed a request form and updating here and on our facebook page once the seeds have landed and are ready for you to collect.

Happy growing