Seed swap 2023

 Hi Growers and Seedsavers, 

It's my pleasure to inform you that we will run a seed swap in February of 2023. Venue and date not confirmed, but check back here as I will update nearer the time. 

Confirmed is the ongoing support from the 'Heritage Seed Library' (HSL) who have generously offered a selection of heritage/heirloom seed varieties.

Join us for a swap, network, brain pick. 

Big 'Thankyou' to everyone involved .

 I'd like to thank everyone for their help making the seed swap ,swish, fundraiser event so good.

I haven't managed to get any photos up yet because I had my hands so full swapping seeds and writing labels and chatting to the seed enthusiasts , it was an absolute pleasure and I was in my element for a bit there. I'd say from 2pm when the seeds started changing hands til about 6pm when the surge of people at the seed table eased off it was a solid hubbub, lots of very interested growers and professionals and newcomers , I am very pleased how this went and it was great to share tips and insights with you all.

Big Thanks to Sally inThe swish clothes shop was a also a vibrant flurry of activity, lots of happy faces, lots of messing around, ideal. It's great that we can come together and have such a laugh, achieve these things that mean a lot to us and raise funds for common causes, this is the bedrock of the community we are building and will be bringing more of as time goes on.

Thankyou everyone who came and shared and played around and got involved.

The music side of things was great and we were so pleased to have had as much talent on display, big thanks to 'the melting pot collective'  for their acoustic titillations, and a big round of applause for our headline act 'the Disappointments' whose 'west country' rousing always fails to disappoint, big thankyou for your support it means a lot to us.

And to groove us into the early evening the vinyl spinning MyraPoppins, Miss Peapod, Jez and Son, and big thanks to Tom, Jez and Mikey for the soundsystem, we could not have done it without you.

Comic releif from Karens lavish awards ceremony reminds us to keep a light hearted and fun element to some of the serious work going on behind the scenes.

And Clare's amazing cake brought the proverbial icing.

Huge thanks to everyone involved and those of you I haven't named , you know who you are, we love you all.

huge thanks

Running order for today's event

2:00 seedswap and swish start

2:00 read the 'news' newspapers.

3:00 the Melting Pot collective.

4:30 apple Scion grafting in the greenroom

4:30 the Gleaners talk.

5:00 Rob Plastow 'Pathfinders collective' talk

5:30 Awards ceremony.

7:00 the Disappointment s

8:00  Myra Poppins

9:00 MissPeapod

10.00. DJ Jez


We will be updating the facebook page with any new info so feel free to check there.


The Disappointments

We are incredibly pleased to announce that 'The Disappoinments' will be performing live at 7pm, this local band playing 'West' country style will definately fail to disappoint you. We are graced with the full extended line-up for this gig so count yourselves lucky.


Heritage Seed Library Support our seed swap

It wouldn't be a seed swap without some heritage seeds and the amazing people at the heritage seed library have donated these seeds to us to get the event rolling. It means a lot to us to have the support of such an organisation that champion seed saving and preserving our heritage varieties for future generations. 'Henry Doubleday research association' , 'heritage seed library', 'garden organic' , we love your work.

A great selection of climbing french beans, tomatoes, cucumber ,  squash, peppers , runner beans and peas. There is something here for everyone, a few obscure unknown varieties along with some old favourites. For the seasoned growing or anyone just starting out , please get involved , we have seeds for you, and you, and you.

Many of the seeds carry a legacy, a rich historical story that stretches back through generations of growers and seed savers, and carry the history of the peoples that have grown them in to the future for generations to come. The Cherokee trail of tears is one such bean, one of the treasured possessions taken with the Cherokee as they were forcibly relocated from their ancestral lands, from what is now called Georgia to Oklahoma in 1838.  Gold was found on their lands prior to the 'goldrush'.


Seed Saving Manual

Our seed swap enjoys the support of GardenOrganic, the online presence of the Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA) they have continually been supportive and donated seeds for our swap as we share the common idea that everyone should grow their own food and save their own seed. Below is a link to their thorough guidance towards this outcome. We promote the idea that it is wise to have food security in your immediate area, growing perennials and saving the seed of your annuals are steps toward this goal, sharing the knowledge and supporting each other towards self sufficiency is our aim.